Cosmetic Bottles made beautiful

At APS, we can help you source a wide range of bottles in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. These bottles can be manufactured and customised to reflect your brand and specialised closures and pumps can be added for specific uses. Please see below some of the broad categories of bottles that are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find a solution to suit your needs.


PET / PETG Bottles

PET and PETG  bottles are economical and well suited to a multitude of uses. They come in many shapes and can be clear, frosted, tinted or opaque, pliable or rigid. PET and PETG bottles are often used because of their transparency and resilience. PET and PETG bottles are fully recyclable.


Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are valued for their aesthetics, safety and purity. Glass bottles can be clear, frosted, tinted or opaque. They are non-porous,  impermeable and have an almost zero rate of chemical interactions so preserve the integrity of the filled product. Amber glass bottles are often used for light sensitive compounds. Glass bottles are fully recyclable. 


HDPE (and PE) Bottles

HDPE and PE bottles are economical and have an excellent resistance to chemicals. They do not have the transparent qualities of PET but instead have a translucent, hazy look or a fully opaque, semi-matt appearance. PE bottles are more translucent, softer and less chemically resistant than HDPE. HDPE and PE bottles are fully recyclable.


Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium bottles are valued for their lightness and protective qualities. They can be coloured and printed on directly or a label can be applied. Aluminium bottles are impermeable to light, ultraviolet rays, water vapour, oils and fat, oxygen and microorganisms. They have good impact resistance and are easy to transport. Aluminium is a sustainable metal making it very earth friendly. Aluminium bottles are fully recyclable. 


Acrylic Bottles

Acrylic bottles are a more luxurious form of packaging and have the clarity and look of glass without having its weight and fragility. Acrylic bottles can be single or double walled, clear, frosted, tinted or opaque. They are often designed to complement acrylic jars in the same family. Acrylic bottles are fully recyclable. 


Tottles and Deodorant Bottles

Plastic tottles offer a versatile solution for a variety of health and beauty products. They are a cross between a tube and a bottle and by design, tottles stand on their tops, keeping the filled product primed for easy, stress-free dispensing. They can be rigid or softly squeezable. Deodorant bottles are often made from HDPE or PE and share the same properties. Tottles are fully recyclable.