Cosmetic Items with a finishing touch

At APS, we supply and customise a wide range of cosmetic items. We help you select the product and its specifications to reflect your brand. These products include cosmetic lip balm containers and classic beauty items such as roller ball applicators, wand applicators, spatulas, mascara bottles, eye cream applicators, foundation bottles, nail polish bottles, lipsticks and many more. We also supply and customise droppers with a variety of caps and dropper bulbs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find a solution to suit your needs.


Lip Balm Containers

Lip balms can be presented in a number of packaging forms such as a PE tube with a specialised applicator head, a wind up PP lipstick tube, small pots made from acrylic or aluminium or wands with a doe skin applicator foot. All lip balm containers are fully recyclable.



Droppers are made up of the dropper bulb, the collar or cap and also the pipette. These can all be made in a variety of materials each with their own properties.  Dropper bulbs can be made from natural rubber, nitrile, silicone and neoprene while  pipettes can be made from glass or plastic and have varied tips. The collar can be coloured, metallised or have an aluminium cover. 


Miscellaneous Cosmetic Items

There are many items that are specific to the cosmetic industry. PE, PP, glass and PETG tubes are available with roller ball heads, eye cream applicators, wands, mascara and other specialised applicator heads. Foundation cases and nail polish and perfume bottles are also available. Packaging for housing products in multi packs are available.