Cosmetic Pumps made simple

At APS, we help you source and customise a cosmetic pump that is both compatible with your specific product and tailored to your brand. Listed below are some of the broad categories of cosmetic pumps that are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find a solution to suit your needs.


Airless Pumps

Airless pumps are sophisticated pumps that dispense the product without drawing oxygen back into the bottle or jar thus protecting the product and lengthening its life. They are often preferred for natural and organic products because of these protective qualities. Airless pumps are very efficient at emptying the entire product content and delivering it in accurate dosages.


Foamer Pumps

Foamer pumps are a non-aerosol dispensing pump that dispenses liquid products in a foam form. They are popular for hand and body soaps, shaving cream, hair products, facial cleansers, and baby products. They can be fitted to different bottles made from a variety of materials with a wider neck to accommodate the foaming chamber.


Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps are operated by an atmospheric system where product that is pumped out is replaced by the same amount of air. They are used for many types of products that typically require a larger dispersion rate including creams, lotions, hair and body products. Lotion pumps can be fitted to a wide array of bottles and can be coloured and metallised to enhance their appearance.


Fine Mist Spray Pumps

Fine mist spray pumps are used to dispense liquids in a spray form. The dispensing rate for these is usually
small varying from 0.12 – 0.18cc.
They have an overcap to prevent accidental dispersion. The spray pumps and over caps are often made from PP (or acrylic for the over caps) and can
be coloured or metallised to enhance their appearance. Collars can be ribbed
or smooth. 


Treatment Pumps

Serum and treatment pumps are operated by an atmospheric system and are usually used with products that require a smaller dosage. They are often used for moisturisers, eye creams, night creams and richer products. The serum and treatment pumps can be fitted to a wide array of bottles and can be coloured and metallised to enhance their appearance. 


Trigger Pumps

Trigger pumps are used for the dispersion of larger volume products. They come in a variety of colours and sizes and are available with different nozzles including misting nozzles, foaming nozzles and an adjustable nozzle. They can be fitted to bottles made of different materials and have varying output capabilities. There are mini and standard trigger pumps.