Cosmetic Jars are our expertise

At APS, we can source a wide variety of cosmetic jars for products such as moisturisers, creams, masques, balms and cleansers. Our jars can be manufactured and customised to reflect your brand. Some of the broad categories available are list below. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find a solution to suit your needs.



PET and PETG jars are economical and versatile with their transparent, smooth surfaces. They can be clear, tinted, frosted or coloured to be fully opaque. PET and PETG jars are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. PETG has a more luxurious look than PET with better clarity and glass like qualities. PET and PETG jars are fully recyclable. 



PP Jars

PP jars are a popular and economic choice for a variety of products and are available in single and double walled jars. They can have either a translucent, frosted look or can be fully opaque, both in a gloss or matt finish. Silkscreen print, foil, metallisation and labels are commonly used finishing techniques. PP jars are fully recyclable.




HDPE and PE jars are economical and are valued for their practical qualities. They have a hazy, semi-matt look instead of the clear, glossy appearance of PET jars. HDPE/PE jars can also be fully opaque and can be coloured and decorated to make an attractive and highly functional product. They are light and have a very good resistance to chemicals. HDPE is more chemically resistant than PE. HDPE and PE jars are fully recyclable.


Glass Jars

Glass jars are valued because of their feeling of quality and purity and lack of contamination between jar and product. They can be clear, frosted, tinted or fully opaque. Special metallic paints can also be used. Tinted glass is used for UV protection with amber glass providing the most protection. Glass jars are fully recyclable.



Acrylic Jars

Acrylic jars are a more luxurious form of packaging. They are light and have excellent clarity making them a superb, less fragile, alternative to glass. Acrylic jars are often designed to complement pump bottles in the same family and they sometimes feature a double wall which can be beautifully decorated with the painting of the inner jars to give a three dimensional look. Acrylic jars are fully recyclable.

Aluminium Tins

Aluminium tins are a popular choice for all kinds of products including balms and hair products. They can be printed on or labels can be used. The jars are very light and can hold water based products. Aluminium is a sustainable metal and can be recycled repeatedly making it a very earth friendly product. Aluminium jars are fully recyclable.